Since our inception in year 2006, we have built up an excellent reputation for developing our high quality heating systems and services. After establishing long term relationship with our customers, we are proud to share the trust that they have placed in us for meeting their needs.

To deliver great customer value, we follow a simple approach. First by developing deep relationship with our customer by learning and understanding their needs and wants. Then, to working together to provide the best possible solutions or equipments to achieve their needs. We aim to do so using the lowest possible budget, as cost is the main factor in everything.


With our years of rich experience in heating process, we ensure that all our solutions are derived by adopting the best practices. Using proven technologies and tools, we deliver our distinct control solutions in the current technology driven environment. We fully understand that our customers need to always stay on top in terms of changing technology to fully make use of the opportunities presented to them. Keeping this in mind, we integrate technology into business, in order to transform it into economic benefits.

Over the years, Global Control has been providing many upgraded and new solutions system to various organizations in heat treatment, aviation and other industries. We focuse on delivering high-quality products and services in all the heating processes such as batch ovens and furnaces.

We aim to further reduce the manufacturing cost by setting up  plants in China to deliver cost effective and innovative solutions for all our valuable customers. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through high quality and cost effective services. Even with our twenty three years of experience, we still emphasize on continuous improvement in pursuing quality in every aspect of our business.


Global Control seek to provide the best services we can to our clients. We believe that the best way to help our clients is to care for their business as if it’s our own. To do so ,our expert staff are trained to listen, respond and work together to brainstorm new solutions to further enhance the systems.