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Global Control Pte Ltd is an innovative company that hopes to meet the present and future needs of our customers in the field of  heating control industries, mainly in aviation heating equipments that meet AMS2750E requirement.

Our China plant,Global Xin Zhong Huan Heating Equipment Co. Ltd is established to cater for the needs of our customers in China, as well as, other South East Asian region.

Our main goal is to continue delivering the most competitive prices of our equipment’s and services,  while still meeting our Singapore quality standard.

There are several industries which actually use a whole lot of heating appliances for various purposes and the heating that is used by the industries may go out of control and it may incur heavy loss and damage for the industry. It is absolutely important that all those industries that require the heating process for various production works have the perfect control on the heat and our heat control systems like Honeywell HC900 is an automatic temperature control system which is very suitable for various appliances and is with a modular having logic controller and is also very affordable and easy to operate,NADCAP most highly used and essential for defence and similar industries including aeronautical engineering, Furnace Repair at the most reasonable rates in the market, Oven TUS, Oven Control Upgrade is often a requirement with usage for more than 15 years and our company will upgrade the system at the most suitable price and ensure optimum production output, Oven maintenance is done on demand and our company does its best in removing dirt and other particles for better performance and Oven SAT can be greatly helpful in maintaining the required heat for the required purpose.

Current Activities

  • Current Aviation Batch Oven Pr

    Ex-proof Batch Oven, for Glass lamination  

  • year 2017 Upgrade Project

    Upgrade IPSEN Continue Running Furnace

  • Used DPR250 Chart Recorder

    The DPR250 recorder offers the best price/performance of any 250mm (10”inch) wide char

  • Ceramic Molding Heater

    Prefabricated heating modules with metallic heating elements and vacuum-formed ceramic fiber insulation for up to 1350°

Our Clients